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How to Choose the Right Colour Palette

The aesthetic of any room or area is always dependant on the colour palette whether you notice it or not. A simple explanation of what a colour palette is that it's a mixture of different colours that make up a design. I think you can probably guess that it is definitely not as easy as that short explanation makes it out to be. In fact, it is way harder.

There are hundreds of different hues, tones, shades, and tints of every single colour! Finding the perfect ones to come together and create a great aesthetic is a tough job. It is not impossible though. With some help, specifically, if you are new to colour scheming, you can make the perfect colour palette for decorations. As you probably deduced from the former paragraph there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a colour palette.

Types of Colour Palettes

What might put your mind at ease a little is that there are only four types of colour palettes. This basically means there are overall four ways you can mix colours so this part is pretty simple. Once you have chosen what kind of palettes you want, determining which colours contrast better together gets a bit harder. For now, you just have to pick between a monochromatic palette, an analogous palette, a complementary palette, and a Triadic palette.

Colour Terminology

Before we can get into the types of palettes, it's important to know certain words otherwise it is going to be nearly impossible to really understand. A hue is what colour something is, like yellow or blue. Chroma is the purity or intensity of a colour. This means the lack of white, black, or grey added to it. There is saturation, which is the strength or weakness of the colour. Value is how light or dark a colour is. A tone is the result of grey being added to a pure colour/hue. A shade is the result of black being added to a pure hue and a tint is the result of white being added to a pure hue. With this knowledge in mind, it is now time to move on to the types of palettes.

Monochromatic Palette

This palette is by far the simplest of all palettes. It is focused on a single hue with variations of its shades and depths. This definitely destroys the possibility of creating a palette with clashing colours, but this palette also has the possibility of being a bit boring.


For this palette, you are going to need a colour wheel. This is because this colour scheme is made up of three colours found next to each other on the colour wheel. There is the main colour and then the colours on its right and left side are the secondary ones. Since the colours are right next to each other on the wheel, there isn’t too much difference in the hues, but the palette still maintains more variation than the monochromatic palette.


When you look at a colour wheel, you can see that each colour has an opposite or complementary colour. This is the just of this type of palette. This creates a sort of visual balance that many customers find appealing, it's pretty simple but still creates a nice contrast.


Now, this is basically the same as a complementary template except it includes three colours. You divide the colour wheel in three so that the colours you pick are all at an equal distance. Another way to explain this method is to pick three colours from equidistant points on the colour wheel. This method has the most diverse palette but it is also the most difficult because of that. You need a little planning to create the perfect palette for yourself.


Now even with the knowledge of how to pick your perfect palette, you may still have trouble with imagining what you want your room to look like. Check out some of the interior design colour palettes on Pinterest to help you form ideas.

Best RAL Colours to Paint With

Once you have your perfect palette in place, it is now time to paint! You don’t have to look too hard to find a store that offers RAL colours to paint with because AB Trade Paint is perfect for the job. We sell high-quality paint supplies and literally any type of shade you can imagine!

Since we have a colour mixing and tinting machine, we can mix colours together until we get the exact one you want. And that's only if you don’t find what you are looking for on our RAL colour chart of over 200 shades! If you know exactly what shade you want, just type it in! Visit AB Trade Paint, pick out, or create, your shades, and get started on creating your perfect palette!

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