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Colour Trends 2021

There is a new Pantone Colour of the Year, and it is the perfect one for 2021. If you know of Pantone, you are probably excited to find out what colour they choose and more to find out the meaning behind their choice. If you have never heard about Pantone, you are probably confused. Although, you are going to be just as eager to find out the winning colour, or colours, once you are in the loop.

What is Pantone?

To start off, let’s focus solely on what Pantone is. The company’s full name is the Pantone Color Institute. They are made up of a team of colour experts. Colours are not just colours to them; they portray emotion and meaning. How colours are used, individually and together, are much more important than people think. This company has unified science with the emotion of colour. They work closely with their clients in order to bring to life their desired emotion and meaning through colour, and by doing so, they very much influence the world.

Pantone’s clientele is mainly brands or businesses. They determine what the company desires to express with their colour scheme and chooses the best colours to make this a reality. A key trick to business is colour and Pantone has realised this; companies who are clients have cracked the code. Pantone concludes that the right colour increases brand recognition by 87% and influences up to 85% of product purchases. It really also affects things like psychology, actions, etc. You may have heard, for instance, that blue is a calming colour. So, a dental office would be well-suited to have blue painted walls. This is just one example of many.

What is the “Pantone Color of the Year”?

Now, every year, the Pantone Color Institute announces a Colour of the Year. The colour represents an emotion or meaning that fits into whatever year it is. A lot of thought goes into the choosing process. The Pantone team takes loads of factors into account because they want to find the perfect colour to reflect the year as a whole. They study colour trends and take many aspects of society into account. This could mean fashion, social media and even politics.

The chosen colour is very important, and brands and businesses trust the expertise of the company and always implement the Colour of the Year in their company. That being said, what is the colour of the year for 2021?

The Winning Colour and What It Signifies

The winning colour is… Ultimate Grey paired with Illuminating, which is a vibrant yellow. These two colours could not be more different but, when put together, there is no doubt that they belong in tandem. These colours show how different beings, objects, and everything in between can come together and support each other. In a way, the colour was the mood they chose to represent 2021.

Pantone describes the combination as the grey giving off a practical and solid feel while the vibrant yellow gives a warm and optimistic feel. It embodies the feeling of strength but also positivity. Things were very hard last year for everyone but going through a worldwide pandemic has made us strong and now in 2021, things are finally looking up. This colour scheme represents this perfectly. It shows how we have become resilient whilst staying encouraged about what the future may hold. Pantone has awakened a visual of this feeling in the winning colours this year.

How Can You Implement the Colour of The Year?

The colour of the year is not just for companies and businesses to use for marketing strategies. You can add the Ultimate Grey and Illuminating to your daily life too. There are hundreds of different things you can paint and set up a room for your desired look. Ultimate Grey walls with Illuminating chairs. Ultimate Grey sofa and Illuminating blankets. Even your kitchen cabinets can take on these colours and radiate fortitude and hope. If you need more ideas on what changes to make, check out some examples on ShutterStock.

Where Can You Get This Colour From?

Now Ultimate Grey and Illuminating are very specific colours. You probably wouldn’t find these colours in your regular hardware store. Not to worry, because AB Trade Paint is an affordable, quality supply company with a great range of paints. AB Trade Paint Supplies have a Colour Matching and Tinting machine that can create any desired colour, including tint mixing to match Ultimate Gey and Illuminating colours!

They don’t have just paint either; they have painting and decorating accessories, wall coverings and designer look books, all to help you figure out the perfect design and colour scheme for your home. If you want a colour scheme that screams resilience and hope, contact AB Trade Paint to buy your supplies now!

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