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How to Paint Interior Doors

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Let's be honest, entrance doors get a lot more attention; they are repainted more often partly because the weather wears them out quicker and partly because the public is always looking at them and you want them to look fresh. Interior doors are a lot more forgotten about just because we don’t think or notice them as much. They are of equal importance though; their paint jobs wear out as well. Repainting them would not only fix that but also get your home looking new.

If you are in the midst of figuring something like this out, there is a lot that goes into painting an interior door and doing it well.


Of course, to do something well you always have to prepare first. Luckily, you do not have to remove your interior door to paint or repaint it. If you think that would be a safer option, go for it but it is not necessary for painting the interior door. What you do have to do is keep your door half open and remove the handle. Make sure you have protection on the floor, such as newspaper so that paint doesn’t get on the floor.

You should already know what colour you are painting your door and have enough painting supplies there to cover your door. A good idea before starting to paint your door is to wash it. If you are repainting a door, it’s probably been around for a while and has accumulated dust, dirt, and grease over the years. Once that’s finished, you are more ready to paint.


Depending on what type of interior door you have, you may need to approach painting in two different ways. You may have an existing-coloured door or plain door or plain door.

If you have an existing colour door it means it has been painted in the past and now you are painting it. The slightly frustrating part is that you can’t just paint over it, you have to take the door off its hinges, strip the current paint and then sand the door smooth again. After this, your door is plain.

With your plain door, you can now start painting. If you always had a plain door, there is no need to even take it off its hinges, simply follow the preparation instructions. In the case in which you have a new bare wood door, you have to use wood primer on it.

The painting part of it is pretty easy but there are some tips you could follow to produce the best results.

Tips While Painting

Before you start painting, you can tape the edges and places you have to be careful not to paint. This lets you have to freedom to make mistakes because you can just rip the tape off after. The first spot you start with painting on a door is all the parts that aren’t flat. This means your edges, mouldings, and panels. This is the harder part but best to get it out of the way first.

After this, start applying the paint to all the flatter surfaces. For the best-finished look, you should follow a certain pattern with your brush strokes but makes sure to keep them gentle. Let the paint dry completely after each coat.

AB Trade Paint

Now the type of gloss you use for your door is very important. If the gloss isn’t good your newly painted door could begin peeling as early as two years in. Luckily, AB Trade Paint Supplies sells just that: high-quality gloss and at an affordable price.

We have two main types of gloss. The first is Macpherson Gloss. It dries quickly compared to other glosses so your whole door painting process is sure to go by a lot faster. Its quickness in drying doesn’t affect its ability to last because the finish actually stays fresher for longer. It has great resistance and provides a washable surface for easy cleaning. The best part of this gloss is that, if you are looking to repaint a door that has a painted surface, this gloss is able to go right over it. No taking the door off the hinges or stripping the paint!

AB Trade Paints another type of gloss is Johnstone's Professional Gloss. This gloss is premium quality and is very durable. It provides a high gloss finish with amazing opacity. It can be used in interior or exterior doors, same as the Macpherson Gloss. It can be painted onto wood or metal. For the best results, you can pair this gloss with Johnstone's Professional Undercoat or an acrylic primer.

Choose the right gloss for your door and pay AB Trade Painting Supplies a visit. We sell more than just that too. We have all the accessories you need to repaint anything!

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